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Stress Management Workshop 

Stress Management Workshops are a fun, relaxing experience and give you the chance to feel the benefits of being calm, relaxed and in control of your life. 

 Workshop Overview  

Understanding stress 
Recognising the signs, symptoms and causes 
Identifying the stressors in your life 
Working on your beliefs and values that effect how you see the world 
Focusing your mind to think positively 
Learn stress beating techniques and tools 
Hypnotherapy for stress managment

Stress Management Workshop - Who is it for?  

Directors, business owners, managers, workers, housewives, students the list is endless. Basically anyone. We all experience stress in our work and home environment, the aim of the workshop is to help you deal with the situations so that all parts of your life are more balanced. 
Stress management workshops

 When and Where?  

Location: 20 St John St, Bromsgrove. B61 8QY 
Date: Sunday 4th November 2018 
Time: 10am to 4pm 
Cost: £125.00 

Why Jacquie Eaton?  

After I trained as a hypnotherapist I found that many of my clients who came for relationship issues, anxiety, phobias, pain and much more were actually suffering from stress related symptoms caused mainly through not having the balance in their life, having learned beliefs and negative thoughts 
Through my hypnotherapy training, my business experience, being a parent and generally being there and wearing that T Shirt I feel that I can make a difference to everyone who feels the pressures of everyday life. 
Through hypnotherapy we can learn to reduce negative thoughts, recognise beliefs or imposed values, recognise the signs of stress and gain the tools to reduce the effects that stressful sitations have on us 
If you are interested in booking a workshop for your business, college, school or group of friends please contact me for more information. 
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