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Reviews for JLP Hypnotherapy 


Fear of Needles 

I have had a fear of needles since I was young after having a reaction from a vaccination, since then I have panicked and become anxious at the site of needles. My cousin is diabetic and I couldn’t even stay in the same room when she was injecting herself. 
I had a couple of sessions with Jacquie, after the first I could actually be in the same room as my cousin, by the second session the thought of needles just didn’t seem to be an issue any more. 
I have since had a tattoo which would have always been something I wanted but was always too afraid to have so thank you. 
Gavin, Cornwall 

Improving Memory 

I have always had great difficulty in remembering anyone’s name. In my job I meet a lot of people and it is very embarrassing when I can’t remember their names. 
I had two hypnotherapy sessions with Jacquie and I was amazed at the difference. 
Colleagues at work have commented on how much better my memory is and I am really pleased that I can now remember people’s names. 
Nick, Nottingham 

Past Life Regression 

I found Jacquie's website through the General Hypnotist Register and made an appointment for a past life regression. 
It was a very emotional session, and Jacquie helped me to explore my relationships and work through feelings that came up under hypnosis. It was a very liberating and informative experience! 
At the end of the session Jacquie and I had an unhurried discussion about it, which gave me time to put my thoughts in order before getting back out on the road. 
I would describe Jacquie as a kind, sensitive lady who is beautifully suited to her therapy work, and I cannot wait to see her again. I would highly, highly recommend a visit. 
Victoria Alexander 

Fertility, pain, relationship 

This lady has changed my life. 
Her empathy and willingness to help, put me at ease on my first consultation. Jacquie has been working with me for over 2 years and I now consider her a good friend. 
Karen, Bromsgrove 

Motivation and Self-Belief 

My 17 year old son was lacking motivation with his exams and school work. He complained that he felt he couldn’t be bothered to finish anything. I was extremely worried because he was in his final ‘A’ level year at college and so much depended on him getting good results. 
He spent 2 sessions with Jacquie, she used NLP and hypnotherapy to increase his motivation and self-belief. 
I was amazed by the results, his January exams were better than he had ever achieved before, 2 A’s and a B and he seemed so much more confident in his ability to study and do well. 
Thank you Jacquie for helping him through. 
Jayne, Nottingham 
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