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Hypnotherapy for Divorce and Break Ups 

Suddenly finding yourself on your own can be hard, you are suddenly single, no longer a couple, almost like being half of one whole, it feels empty and you feel lost and you may wonder how you are ever going to feel happy again. Hypnotherapy helps you to move forward with you life, build your confidence and start living again. 
Hypnotherapy for Fear of Flying
National statistics show that in England and Wales in 2017 there were 101,669 divorces in opposite-sex couples and 338 in same sex couples, these figures are derived from information recorded by Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service during the divorce process and do not take into account couples that separate and do not divorce or couples that live together and separate. 
That’s a lot of single people! 
Separating from your partner can be as hard as losing them if they die, you still grieve and have to go through the bereavement process – Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. I have even had some of my clients say that they felt it would’ve been easier if the other person had died because although their heart is breaking the other person is now living a new life, because of this grieving process a lot of couples find it hard to move on and accept their relationship is over, they get stuck in one of the stages, mainly the angry stage or feeling depressed, this can cause many problems from the other person feeling hounded or under pressure to the effects it can have on any children that may be involved. 
I am finding that I am seeing more and more people who are suffering inside from the pain of their relationship breaking down. It’s hard to see what is going on when you are on the inside, with the help of hypnotherapy we can work together through the heartache and step back from the situation to see a way forward, may be the relationship can be saved through changes in your mindset or if not you can build your confidence and self-esteem to start afresh and move on to a new future. 
I’d like to share with you a lovely testimonial I received recently from a lady who had been on her won for 2 years after her husband left her for another woman. When she came, she spent 99% of her time thinking about him, wondering what he was doing, wondering what he was thinking, by the end of the sessions she was smiling, confident and happy, ready to move on with her life 
“I was devastated when my husband left me for another woman. Two years on I was still deeply affected by the breakdown of my marriage. Although apprehensive I decided to try hypnotherapy. Jacquie immediately put me at ease, she is caring and empathetic. I feel better now that I have felt in a long time, happy and confident. I can’t thank Jacquie enough for all her help and support” 
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