Motivation and Self Belief

My 17 year old son was lacking motivation with his exams and school work. He complained that he felt he couldn’t be bothered to finish anything. I was extremely worried because he was in his final ‘A’ level year at college and so much depended on him getting good results.

He spent 2 sessions with Jacquie, she used NLP and hypnotherapy to increase his motivation and self-belief.

I was amazed by the results, his January exams were better than he had ever achieved before, 2 A’s and a B and he seemed so much more confident in his ability to study and do well. Thank you Jacquie for helping him through.

Jayne, Nottingham

Fear of Needles

I have had a fear of needles since I was young after having a reaction from a vaccination, since then I have panicked and become anxious at the site of needles. My cousin is diabetic and I couldn’t even stay in the same room when she was injecting herself.

I had a couple of sessions with Jacquie, after the first I could actually be in the same room as my cousin, by the second session the thought of needles just didn’t seem to be an issue any more.

I have since had a tattoo which would have always been something I wanted but was always too afraid to have so thank you.

Gavin, Cornwall

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