Spirit Release Therapy

For those of you who believe that life goes on after death this may seem a little more believable. Sometimes spirits do not move off in to the light but stay earth bound. We have all heard about houses and places being haunted but what about people could they also have earthbound spirits attached to them?

If a person loses their life they may feel they have unfinished business and may decide to stay around, if their life ended quickly they might not even realise they are dead, what if a parent dies but doesn’t feel that their children can cope on their own. They all wait there hoping to help those that are still in their physical body.

A drug addict may seek out another drug addict to get their “fix” only making their condition worse.

If an alcoholic dies he may go into a pub and seek out someone who drinks to get the drunken feeling that he craved only to make that living person drink more.

We’ve all used or heard these sayings

“ I don’t know what came over me”
“He just hasn’t been himself recently”
“Something just came over me”
“I watched myself doing…………”
“Part of me wants to do something but the other part stops me”

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