Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

We have all tried dieting only to find that a few months down the line we have put it all back on, together with a few extra pounds! We also know that to maintain a healthy weight we must eat healthily and exercise regularly.

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy works on a subconscious level to help discover what beliefs we are holding on to that are not allowing us to shed those pounds.

Hypnotherapy also helps to make us feel motivated, reduces cravings, helps us to feel confident and positive about our goals

With hypnotherapy for weight loss we are changing the way we think and feel. The results are healthier and longer lasting then any fad diets

Using the power of your mind you can make this the easy way

The Virtual Gastric band is also available

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As well as individual session on a one to one basis I also offer group weight reduction sessions

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