Stress Management Workshops


Who is it for?

Directors, business owners, managers, workers, housewives, students the list is endless. Basically anyone. We all experience stress in our work and home environment, the aim of the workshop is to help you deal with the situations so that all parts of your life are more balanced

Why me?

I was the stereotypical stressed out person 15 years ago when I ran a business. I was tea maker, counsellor and negotiator and that was before I started a days work as Finance Director. I had constant colds and headaches and by the weekend I felt totally exhausted. Most of the time I was there in body not in mind, I found it hard to concentrate and forgot things, my work load grew as I spent more time being stressed and less time working. Sound familiar?

After I trained as a hypnotherapist I found that many of my clients who came for relationship issues, anxiety, phobias, pain and much more were actually suffering from stress related symptoms caused mainly through not having the balance in their life, having learned beliefs and negative thoughts

Stress management workshop continued