Child Hypnotherapy

Child Hypnotherapy can be used for bedwetting, separation anxiety, sleeping difficulties, behaviour problems, learning and exams, tics and habits and many more...

I am very privileged to be able to work with children. Children are challenging but very rewarding. They have brilliant imaginations, which makes our hypnotherapy sessions interesting and fun. I never cease to learn from my experiences in working with children.

Stage hypnotherapy has made many people cautious, thinking that the therapist takes control of your mind and makes you do things that you would never dream of doing like singing on stage in front of an audience but most children have not seen these television programs so they come in to these sessions with an open mind.

What happens in a session

Free Initial Consultation

You and your child are invited to a free ½ hour consultation in which we chat about the reason for wanting hypnotherapy, take a medical history and find out what interests your child has, making your child feel more comfortable about wanting to come back for therapy


Younger children are given hypnosis through story telling, helping them identify with the character in the story and giving them a solution to their problem

Older children are given a short relaxation, which helps me to bypass their conscious mind and talk to their subconscious giving them positive suggestions to help them to overcome their problem or issue.

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